A brief discussion on what’s important to PHEASANT ROW KENNELS as a breeder of Labrador Retrievers

Temperament : A critically important , must have attribute , is a solid temperament . Shyness is unacceptable , nor a skittish or overly excitable dog . A calm , confident dog that enjoys contact and interaction is always a pleasure.

Biddable : ” Trainability” A dog should be eager to please and willing to learn . They should look forward to “work” . Laziness or indifference is unacceptable . Hard headed or stubborn dogs are manageable when handled properly . Firmness , consistency , repetition , correction and lots of positive reinforcement and praise will be rewarded by this breed .

Drive : I prefer a dog that has a lot of drive – The desire to pursue game thru the thickest of cover , or retrieve thru the roughest of seas , is something I demand . Do your obedience work , and provide the dog with adequate physical and mental stimulation , and drive won’t be a four letter word – Don’t hunt ? Do agility , go hiking , throw bumpers for fun , or take a swim and watch how well your driven dog takes to the couch at the end of the day !

Pedigree : Very important to start with a dog that comes from a long line of proven performers . At PHEASANT ROW KENNELS we pride ourselves on the quality of not only our individual dogs , but their pedigree as well . We have many NFC , AFC , FC , QAA and MH titles in our dog’s bloodline. Don’t field trial or Hunt Test ? No problem . All the qualities , obedience and attributes  it takes to Title a dog will serve you well no matter your aspirations .

Color : I love all three color phases , especially Chocolate . However I do not breed specifically based on color – There are a lot more important attributes , see above , that should be focused on . Have all the aforementioned qualities and the color you prefer ? Great ! Pheasant Row Kennels test for the dilute locus as there are only 3 colors, Black , Yellow , Chocolate.  We , as does the AKC , DO NOT  support the Silver , Charcoal ,Champagne dilutions of the breed . Please research this for yourself .

Health : Labrador retrievers are the most popular breed in the world , and as such , are bred extensively. Inherently they’re predisposed to a litany of genetic health problems , many recessive , that can lead to a lifetime of health problems. Veterinary care is expensive , even for routine care , let alone chronic health conditions . We test extensively , and use ANIMAL GENETICS , recognized by the OFA , to test our dogs for the complete Labrador panel . Additionally our dogs have great bone and confirmation and beautiful coats . We do not breed dogs that have skin problems , or other chronic conditions that can cause a lifetime of issues for prospective puppy buyers. We are diligent in breeding the healthiest retrievers we can .